Iranian Caviar meets Italian...

Caviar is among the top 10 luxury foods around the world, with Iranian caviar considered the most prized of them all. This December, Osteria is launching a luxurious Iranian caviar dinner menu,...

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Exquisite Shellfish Indulgence

Chef Bun proudly presents an exquisite dinner feast with the finest selection of seasonal oysters and clams. Highlights include Baked American Oyster in Port Wine, Sautéed Clam with Green Pepper and...

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Flavour of Huaiyang

Huaiyang cuisine is one of the Four Great Traditions in the Chinese culinary style and it is known for retaining the original flavor, the freshness, and temperance of the ingredients. Chef Bun has...

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Sizzling Guangdong BBQ

This December, indulge in an array of authentic Cantonese siu-mei at Bistro on the Mile. Our chefs have expertly prepared iconic BBQ staples from roast pigeon, pork belly to suckling pig.

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South African Abalone Feast

Using only the best abalones fished from the cold and pristine waters from South Africa, our chefs have prepared an all-abalone feast that will guarantee to dazzle any seafood aficionados....

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