Christmas Delight

Tuck into a heartwarming and succulent Christmas Buffet with your family and friends at Bistro on the Mile. Highlights include Beef Wellington, Roasted Turkey and Fresh Oysters, alongside our festive...

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Christmas Hampers 2022

Christmas is the season of giving. Holiday Inn Golden Mile is proud to offer exquisite Christmas hampers filled with festive essentials from HK$2,188. Meanwhile, we offer a wide array of indulgent...

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Buddha's Temptation

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall is a classic winter soup that dates back several centuries to the Qing Dynasty. Guests can enjoy this iconic dish packed with premium and nutritious ingredients as a...

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Sizzling Claypot Temptations

Claypot dishes, a Hong Kong tradition, are also well known for the satisfying pop and crunchy baked rice mixed with flavourful ingredients. Guests can enjoy an array of clay pot specialties paired...

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The Emperor's Choice

Experience this spectacular dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the Imperial era, as our chef expertly carves the crispy skin and juicy morsels into pieces like it is some art form. Book...

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Boston Lobster & Abalone Feast

Chef Bun proudly presents an exquisite Chinese seafood menu featuring succulent Simmered Boston Lobster, Braised Abalone and Braised Bird Nest's Soup with Seafood to indulge your luxurious seafood...

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