The Peking Duck

Experience this spectacular dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the Imperial era, as our chef expertly carves the crispy skin and juicy morsels into pieces like it is some art form.

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The King of Vegetables

Using only the finest white asparagus from Veneto, Italy, our Chef Paolo has created a collection of dishes that will be sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

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Sizzling Yakitori

Indulge in our huge selection of Japanese flavours including salt-grilled mackerel, teriyaki salmon steak, wagyu burgers and the iconic chargrilled Yakitori! Book your table today!

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Jumbo Boat Seafood

This spring, we are showcasing a selection of jet-fresh international seafood and an array of scrumptious dishes including Boston lobster, ice-chilled oysters, mussels and abalone.

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Chinese Fusion – Caviar & Sea...

Chef Bun has meticulously prepared an exquisite dinner menu combining briny caviar and creamy sea urchin. Experience delicacies such as Pan-fried Scallops with Caviar and Pan-fried Shrimps Toast with...

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