Catherine and Wa Wedding Banquet on 23 March 2024

Thanks so much for the Catering Team from Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong, particularly for their sales manager: Paisley Li, to give me a very good experience for my wedding banquet. One day in Oct 2023, I remember I called Paisley to arrange an immediate site inspection for the Crystal Room 1+2 and it’s fantastic she could make it within 30 minutes due to my urgent request. Even though it’s almost 5:30pm, she introduced the banquet details to my husband and me with patience and extremely good manner. This impressed us a lot and believed her professionalism must provide a reliable arrangement for our wedding, so we confirmed the booking at the same day with no doubt. Although we only held 5 tables for our wedding banquet, I always received efficient response from Paisley when I asked her any questions through WhatsApp and I can deeply feel she always put her best effort to serve me. This really made me feel released and need not to worry so much about the hotel’s arrangement. On the wedding night, everything was excellent in terms of hotel service and food quality! I was very satisfied there was an assigned staff to closely support me (as a bride) throughout that night with extra dedicated care, super sorry I forgot her name and she did a great job, thanks a lot! Also, the on-site manager provided great service with good monitoring over that night as well. After the banquet was finished, we tried to look for a stuff that we didn’t know where they were, the on-site manager could locate and tell us it was under my brother’s chair. Wow… it’s such an intimate service! After the banquet, I heard from my family and guests that they all enjoyed that night with wonderful service and tasteful foods. Again, thanks so much for your team’s professional service, I will highly recommend others to have their wedding banquet held in your hotel. Thanks & Rgds, Catherine

Eid Gathering Event on 21st April 2024

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful Eid Gathering event held on 21st April 2024 that was organized and hosted at your hotel. The experience was truly exceptional as always, and we appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into making it a grand success. The event space was beautifully decorated and created the perfect ambiance for the occasion. The buffet lunch that was provided was absolutely delicious, and every dish was expertly prepared and presented. We also appreciate the attentive and friendly service that your staff provided throughout the event. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail that your team demonstrated. You truly went above and beyond to ensure that our Eid Gathering was a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Once again, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your outstanding work. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Vicky & King Wedding Banquet on 27 March 2023

Good evening. My name is Vicky, my husband King and I had our wedding banquet on 27 March at the Ballroom. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the hotel, especially Hazel from Catering Sales team for the remarkable services extended to us. From day 1 of discussion, Hazel was attentive, understanding, cater to our requirement, she is detail oriented, and made sure our day went as smooth as possible. Secondly we would like to thank Front Office / Room Service team, excellent arrangement, we are grateful for the early check in arrangement which made everything so much easier to organize afterwards. The staff are friendly, polite even though we saw a long queue ahead of us during check out. As a once a lifetime event, your hotel staff have truly made this day memorable for us, we cannot wait to come back and celebrate our future anniversaries for years to come. My apologies! I have omitted banquet service team! Jason and the team are wonderful from start to finish, from the food service, setup, to the service flow, down to the music arrangement, superb services. Chef did a great job too, we didn’t try the food until later in the evening, but from what I heard from friends and family, food is delicious! We appreciate chef came out and said hi to us which is wonderful surprise! Thank you.

Yanna & Demon on 21 May 2023

First of all, thanks for the amazing service on my wedding dinner. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your hard work and dedication to our wedding. Your contributions have been invaluable to us, and I am grateful for all that you do. Specifically, I want to recognize your outstanding work on our wedding planning and schedule recommendation. You and the whole dining team provide excellent service and outstanding food quality to our guests. Once again, thank you for all that you and your team do. We appreciate your hard work and excellent service. We will highly recommend Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong to my friend and my business partners.

Jacqueline & Samuel Wedding Banquet on 27 May 2023

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Law and had a wedding dinner banquet held in your hotel recently. I would like to express my gratitude to all hotel staff helped throughout this event! They did a great job and made our guests feel pleasant all night long. Our guests feedback saying the service was great and food were delicious. I would also like to make a special thanks to hotel staff Karen, who was responsible for accompanying the bride! She was helpful and friendly. Last but not the least, I would like to thank you hotel staff Niki! She was patient and helpful, helping out to coordinate this event smoothly! It was surely a memorable night for me and Samuel. This event won’t be succeed without every single help! Thank you once again!

Ronald and Ping Ting

我们是 2021 年 9 月 26 日于 贵酒店举行婚礼午宴的新郎 Ronald 和新娘 Ping Ting。我们特意来函表扬 贵酒店的服务和负责午宴的所有员工。 自从去年在 贵酒店预订婚宴服务,我们已感受到宴会部员工的殷勤款待,对于我们提出的疑难,她们都耐心详细地解答。数月以来,婚宴因疫情关系而改期,宴会部与我们仔细协调婚宴的细节,特别是要兼顾防疫措施和维持婚礼的可观性,宴会部都积极配合,让我们可以在防疫措施下举办了一个热闹和圆满的婚礼。 当天午宴流程非常紧凑,短时间内要完成敬茶、证婚典礼、拍照等环节。宴会部员工和我们一起与时间竞赛,作出迅速果断的应变和行动,难度十分高!所有难题在他们手上都能迎刃而解,让我们可以放心,只需专注做新郎和新娘的角色,无需担心追赶流程和操心其他细节。在此特别感谢和表扬当天的宴会负责人Paul 及协助新娘的 Lam。 疫情影响下,宾客们都很少机会参与午宴,他们纷纷表示,当天的婚宴让他们重拾久违的婚宴热闹气氛。而且,他们对当天的午宴餸菜赞不绝口,员工们也细心照顾宾客的需要,丽晶殿的座位安排、布置、舞台、灯光和音响等都极具质素。 感谢 Holiday Inn 团队同人为我们举办了一个高质素的婚宴,让我们留下难忘和美好的回忆!祝愿 Holiday Inn 客似云来,宴会业务蒸蒸日上,各位员工工作愉快,身体健康! Ronald & Ping Ting 2021 年 10 月 26 日 你好,我是二零二一年九月二十六日于 贵酒店丽晶殿举行婚礼午宴的新娘 Ping Ting,当天婚宴顺利完成,特来函表扬新娘助手Lam。 当天步进丽晶殿,第一个跟我对话的不是亲戚,而是 Lam。时间紧迫、风尘仆仆,Lam 的第一句说话来得简单直接,说是当天协助我的助手,然后就立刻去准备敬茶。我很喜欢说话爽快的人, 直率不兜圈,准确无误,一句话就能让我放心。 我的婚纱是鱼尾裙, 进场前在正门试了一会踢裙还是会踩裙, Lam 当机立断,蹲在地上帮我把裙脚折起让我拿着进场,说很多新娘都是这样的不用怕,一句话让我紧张的心情纾缓下来。 整个婚礼上台落台无数次,Lam 每次都看准时机帮我折裙,辛苦了她每次都蹲下来。而且,每次上落楼梯时她总是比我更快一步到达楼梯迎接我,搀扶我的手势和时间非常熟练准确,好到我都快要完全倚赖她。 Lam 熟读流程,从来没有问我问题,而是一直配合我,在适当的时候就会提醒我。她的观察能力极强,需要她的时候,名字还没叫出口,她已经在身边。她的表现淡定,不慌不忙,身材瘦小却犹如一座泰山在我身旁。Lam 眼明手快,见微知着,姊妹们对她赞誉有加,长老们对她予以高度评价。 婚宴圆满举行,感谢 Lam 的贴心照顾,更有赖宴会部整体合作, 让客人感到宾至如归。祝 贵公司业务蒸蒸日上、生意兴隆! Ping Ting 二零二一年十月二十六日

Jubi & Sammy

我想表揚一下貴酒店同事~Natalie Law! 我剛於10 Oct 2017於貴酒店辦喜宴,打從我上年在婚展遇到Natalie, 她對流程的熟悉度及對客人的熱誠度都十分投入及專業,令我走完一圈之後決定要將婚禮交給她! 她每次都細心講解,好有耐性,而且她的緊張程度亦會令我們相當有信心及放心,做事亦非常有交帶,email回覆很清晰,令我和先生都在當天非常緊張的情況下,將當日流程安排得相當好,再一次感謝你Natalie,貴公司能培育出這種優秀員工,實在值得表揚及加以栽培! 另外當晚經理Paul亦非常值得讚賞,全晚rundown都好趕,但Paul都盡量配合,而且賓客都十分滿意! 當晚隨時協助我的Karen,感謝你,你的耐性、溫柔、細心和關懷,令我緊張心情得以舒緩! 全晚餸菜十分出色,每位賓客都稱讚有加! 多謝Holiday Inn全個團隊能發揮團隊精神,提高超高水平的優質服務,令我同先生能擁有一個夢幻婚禮,一個Amazing的回憶! 祝大家工作愉快!Thanks you so much! Best regards, Jubi & Sammy

Elaine Lam & Thomas Wu’s Wedding on 19 Nov 2017

Thank you Stephanie. We are so happy to have you to be the one who responsible for our wedding. We and our guests are all have a wonderful and memorable night. This is all you and your team’s efforts. We really appreciate all your help and always give us friendly reminders. That makes our wedding full of happiness.